II International competition of student's works of "ZHAS ZERDE"

On March 4, 2016 the final stage II of the International competition of student's research works in the field of marketing and sociology of "ZHAS ZERDE" which organizers are Kazakhstan associations of professional researchers of public opinion and the market (KAPIOR) and Almaty Management University (AMU) has taken place. Co-organizers - Association of sociologists of Kazakhstan, Guild of marketing specialists.


The competition purpose – formation of intellectual potential and development of a creative initiative and analytical thinking of students, support of independent researches in the most important spheres.
This year 69 college teams from 11 cities and 3 countries have participated in a competition: Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine. Student's works from research on the most different subjects have been presented: innovations in marketing, national ideology and a brand of the country, ecological threats and green technologies, researches of social problems and search of their decision, studying of the most different markets – from fast food to the market of cellular communication. The first round of a competition took place in an online-format. By results of examination from KAPIOR in final round there were 22 teams.


In work of a competition as judges the famous practicians among whom there are representatives of the largest leading research companies of Kazakhstan, Guild of Marketing specialists, Associations of sociologists of Kazakhstan, the Kcell companies and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development have been invited. Organizers of a competition: The Kazakhstan association of professional researchers of public opinion and the market – KAPIOR – is created in 2002 (the research agencies working in Kazakhstan - to СIOM, Encore, BRIF, SANDZh, ISAS, Gfk Kazakhstan enter). The president of KAPIOR is Alexander Ruzanov, the executive director – Marina Samokhvalova. Almaty Management University (AlmaU, before MAB) – enterprise, socially - world-class responsible university. The president is A. B. Kozhakhmetov.





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