The V School of independent life for girls with disability of the countries of Central Asia

 "The association of women with disability of Shyrak has carried out by OO "the V school of independent life for girls with disability of the countries of Central Asia" to the period from June 13 to June 19, 2017 within the "Support of Women with Disability of the Countries of Central Asia" project, with assistance of “Kyunnyus” Association (Finland).


Purposes of school:
• Overcoming the internal barriers and fears connected with disability;
• Training in the basic principles and to philosophy of independent life of people with disabilities;
• Development of leadership skills, life skills and self-esteem;
• Obtaining practical experience of independent life.


Before the training course from Shyrak selection of participants within which have been posted the announcement on the website and on social networks with the invitation to take part has been organized. The selection stage passed during the period from April 14 to May 20 where 22 applications have been considered, from them 13 participants from Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan has been selected.


This year the first important subject of school of independent life became - the Gender and disability. From participants almost the majority has answered that don't know accurate designation of the term "Gender" and don't know what relation the gender has to disability. Further the subject "Self-assessments" has been touched whether each person understands what is a self-assessment? Each of participants tried to open this concept in own way. The self-assessment changes depending on situations which happen to the person during all life. It was offered to participants to play the game "Gossips Behind the Back" where two participants discuss behind the back of the third her best qualities, a game has caused a storm of emotions and impressions. Many participants have made assessment and the analysis of the qualities and people around.



After an emotional charge the question has been asked participants as they have got used to position themselves and as they say. On June 14 there have taken place several sessions with interesting subjects: "What is love? Restrictions and opportunities", "Love to own I", "A way to the dream", "Self-expression through masks". All sessions in a format of active discussion and practical work were held by Gulzhan Alimbekova, the director of the Center of Studying of Public Opinion (CSPO). The first session was in a focus group format, discussing issues of love, girls gradually revealed more and more, have told about the experience of communication with an opposite sex, with men in family, about the views of relationship, about the problems, about love not only to another, but also to themselves. The following stage was in a format Forsythe of a session a fasilitation method, it is dynamic work in groups. Participants learned to work in team, to create the future by means of colorful and positive collages: "Way to the dream". After such interesting and emotional work, girls have thought of how much still it is possible to make and how to realize the dreams in reality. A creative game has rallied girls even more, all amicably discussed, chose, drew, wrote on posters and thought out the name for the teams.





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