In the book “Values of Kazakhstan family. Understanding of matrimony ”, the authors tried to understand and understand what value orientations unite our people, to reveal such important concepts as the main family values and what a happy family is in the understanding of women and men. This information was obtained on the basis of a study - a survey of couples in 9 regions of Kazakhstan, conducted by the Center for the Study of Public Opinion (CIOM). It is published with Civil Initiatives Support Center With the support of the Ministry of Information and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Public Foundation «Center for Integrated Family Support «Family Academy» is responsible for the content of the publication, which does not necessarily reflect the position of the NAO «Civil Initiatives Support Center». The point of view of the authors, reflected in this collection, may not coincide with the point of view of NAO «Civil Initiatives Support Center».

Report in kazakh/russian language
 Corporate Fund "EREKSHE TANDAU-SHELEK" within the framework of the state grant Civil Initiatives Support Center With the support of the Ministry of Information and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in 2019, a study was conducted: “Analysis of the situation with the realization of human rights in remote regions of the country, including rural settlements, (the right to education, healthcare, labor, access to justice)” with the participation of the CIOM research team.
Report in kazakh language
Report in russian language
 In 2018, CIOM conducted a sociological study on the reproductive health of adolescents and young people aged 15–19 years, their sexual behavior and access to reproductive health services and information in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The study was commissioned by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) with financial support from UNFPA and the Embassy of the Netherlands in Kazakhstan and technical support from the Republican AIDS Center.
Report in kazakh languageReport in russian language Constantly changing requirements and market development increase the need for fixed collection and provision of high-quality statistical information for all categories of the population and the entities. For timely high-quality servicing and expansion of opportunities of the state statistics requires deep understanding of needs of consumers. For this purpose, and also with intention to study opinions of users of statistics on quality of the state statistics within monitoring of results of KAZSTAT the research of level of satisfaction of the Kazakhstan users with statistical information was conducted. The research is conducted by CIOM, field project works passed during the period from 30.05.2016 to 30.06.2016. The quantitative method - the individual standardized interview was applied for achievement of goals and research problems. Poll covered generally legal entities of the Republic of Kazakhstan working in various spheres and industries, including state authorities, in all regions of Kazakhstan and the statistical data made by Committee according to the statistics of the Ministry of national economy of RK using in the activities. Results of a research are provided in this presentation.The research of satisfaction level of the Kazakhstan users with statistical information was conducted The research "Studying of equal access to the state services of inhabitants with disability of the remote settlements of the Sheleksky region" is conducted in february-march, 2016 by the center of studying of public opinion (сiom, almaty) by request of corporate fund "erekshe tandau-shelek" of the public combining "society of cheeful disabled people", thanks to help of the american people given through agency of the usa on the international development (usaid). kf "erekshe tandau-shelek" has responsibility for the content of the publication which not necessarily reflects a line item of usaid or the u.s. government.  Report "Studying of equal access to the state services of inhabitants with disability of the remote settlements of Sheleksky district", Almaty, 2016  Monitoring of service quality of tax authorities 2012. Research of opinion of taxpayers has been conducted by the center of studying of public opinion in case of a financial support of association of taxpayers of kazakhstan, ENRC KAZAKHSTAN LLP, PROKTER AND GEMBL KAZAKHSTAN LLP, JSC NATIONAL NUCLEAR COMPANY KAZATOMPROM, JSC TURGAI PETROLEUM, JSC PETROKAZAKHSTAN, ERSAY KASPIAN KONTRAKTOR LLP, JSC LANCASTER GROUPKAZAKHSTAN, ERNST & YOUNG KAZAKHSTAN LLP. "An assessment and monitoring tax uslug_2012" (in a state language)"An assessment and monitoring tax uslug_2012" (in Russian)"An assessment and monitoring tax uslug_2012" (in English)  Monitoring of service quality of tax authorities 2011. Research of opinion of taxpayers has been conducted by the Center of Studying of Public Opinion in case of a financial support of Association of taxpayers of Kazakhstan, the USAID "Increase of Competitiveness through Economic Reforms" Project, JSC Ust-Kamenogorsk Titanium-magnesium Works, Kaztsink LLP, Ernst & Young Kazakhstan LLP, etc. "Assessment and monitoring of tax services 2011" (in a state language)"Assessment and monitoring of tax services 2011" (in Russian)"Assessment and monitoring of tax services 2011" (in English) Internet users: results of sociological research (in Russian)
Founders of theories of information society believe that information society is the absolutely new society characterized by the processes opposite to that took place on the previous phases of development of societies.
Read more Image of Astana and carrying out EXPO-2017 by the eyes of astana citizens (Results of sociological research) (in Russian)
From the moment of transfer of the capital from Almaty to Astana there have passed 16 years. During this time Astana from the town has turned into quickly developing megalopolis.
Read more Smoking as a social problem in Kazakhstan (It is published, the Thought magazine, No. 4, 2012) (in Russian)
In researches of lifestyle, living conditions and health is such subject of studying as smoking, which is one of central. It is substantially defines lifestyle.
Read more Specifics of labor migration in the modern world (It is published, the Thought magazine, No. 3, 2012) (in Russian)
The population explosion has resulted in the amplifying concentration of a manpower of the world in developing countries of which almost all gain of labor in world economy is the share. In this regard one of the most important aspects of a global demographic problem in modern conditions is employment and effective use of a manpower of developing countries.
Read more Excess body weight as indicator of a state of health of the population: the reasons and consequences (in Russian)
Health is not absence of an illness per se or physical defects, and a condition of full physical, mental and social well-being. Index of body weight of IMT (body mass index (BMI)). – an indicator on growth and weight, a body weight index – Quetelet's index. He is equal – body weight in kilograms is divided into growth in meters in a square. He fixes presence of excess weight and gives the chance to predict development of such diseases as a hypertension, diabetes, atherosclerosis, etc.
Read more The analysis of the legislative problems interfering effective advance of the rights of women in the course of labor migration in Kazakhstan (September, 2009). (in Russian)
In November, 2005 Kazakhstan has joined the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. Being a participant of the international legal mode of protection of human rights set by him, the country has undertaken to provide a right of use of all economic, social, cultural rights, equal for men and women. Along with it the republic, as well as other countries of the Central Asian region, is the Party of the Convention on elimination of all forms of discrimination against women (it is ratified on June 29, 1998) and the optional protocol to her (it is ratified on July 4, 2001).
Read more Female labor migration in Kazakhstan (December, 2009). (in Russian)
The demographic structure of streams of labor migration represents a basic component in understanding of the phenomenon in general. Labor migration on age can be estimated at Kazakhstan as economically active, isn't inherent in it lines of only one floor, either man's, or female. Actually this last factor directly depends on understanding of the distinctions of man's and female employment existing in countries of origin: from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan men go generally if women, then as a part of families; from Kyrgyzstan, in the number of migrant workers women prevail.
Read more  Home-made bread of the present (October, 2008). (in Russian)
Today in our review it will be a question of bread machines. About such remarkable assistants in kitchen who cook the most tasty bread. For obtaining fuller information and exact data by our company has conducted small research of the market of bread machines.
Read more Social networks of the present: analysis and assessment (September, 2008). (in Russian)
Every day popularity of social networks grows before quickly. It is confirmed by the numerous researches conducted by various companies. In this article we would like to consider social networks from figures and the checked facts. But for a start...
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Carelessly back: work of women in migration (in Russian)
During the development Kazakhstan as the sovereign and independent state, has carried out a complex of the radical market reforms directed to overcoming of negative consequences of recession of economy, stabilization of an economic situation and ensuring in recent years sustained economic growth. GDP growth was constant and has made in 2008 16 billion 052 million tenges in comparison with 2000 - 2 billion 600 million tenges.
Read more Consumer society. (in Russian)
What is the consumer society? Whether it what attitude of people towards the concept "consumption" of Kazakhstan was created? To find answers to such questions and to present today's consumer society in Kazakhstan CIOM has conducted research in November, 2008. 1300 inhabitants from 7 regions of Kazakhstan (the regional centers, the small cities and villages) have taken part in research. Selection of respondents took place with use of a method casual route selection with a quota on gender and age. Respondents aged from 18 till 64 years, from them 52% of women and 48% of men have taken part in poll. In more detail
Read more The relation of Astana citizens and Almaty citizens to transfer of the capital: results of sociological research. (in Russian)
After transfer of the capital in 1997 to once small and modest city of Akmola residents of Almaty have lost the status of capital inhabitants. For several years after moving of government to Astana, public opinion ordered to Almaty citizens the status of the citizens offended by deprivation of the capital status. This fact has been noticeable by mood of citizens, for example, on a large number of jokes and tales about the Astana frosts, mosquitoes, bad service, etc.
Read more Where the world slides or what will be with us tomorrow? (in Russian)The agency sociological and market researches of "CIOM" on own initiative and at the expense of the means has conducted curious research of erudition of young Kazakhstan citizens in May, 2008.
Young people at the age of 15-24 years from 7 regional centers and 7 small cities participated in poll. Before conducting research, we waited that the received results will surprise us, but didn't think that so.
Read more The violence against women is a crime or lawlessness? / the Social analysis / (in Russian)
The main obstacles in realization of the rights of women and their participation on an equal basis with men in life of society are the violence and threat of commission of violence against women. On international law, the violence over women is understood as any act made on the basis of a sexual character which causes or can inflict physical, psychological damage or suffering to women, and also threats of commission of such acts as coercion or imprisonment, whether it be in public or private life.
Read more Intas_kazakhstan project: the analysis of objective indicators of economic transformation (in Russian)
Ten years of independent development of the Republic of Kazakhstan were marked by considerable changes in social and demographic structure of the population. Social and demographic processes have been caused by cardinal transformations of all public system, processes of modernization of society and economy, were characterized by both positive, and negative tendencies.
Within the research INTAS project collecting and the analysis of information on studying of the changes which have happened in days of the transition period have been carried out. This project has been aimed at development of analytical reports on the social, economic and political transformations which have happened in recent years in 10 CIS countries: Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan.
Read more Migration in Kazakhstan during the Post-Soviet period (in Russian)
Acquisition of the state independence in 1991 in the Republic of Kazakhstan, was marked by the beginning of transformational processes of the former USSR and expansion of a possibility of return of separate ethnic groups to the historical Homeland in Kazakhstan, as well as in many other CIS countries, there was a tendency of growth of negative balance of migration. So, since 1991 for 2001, the negative balance of migration not only has completely absorbed a natural increase of the population, but also has exceeded him more than twice as the natural increase of the population in 90 years was reduced almost twice, due to sharp decrease in number been born and increases in number of the dead in relation to the 80th years.
Read more Quality of electoral researches (or how to reduce random and systematic errors) (in Russian)
In Kazakhstan unlike Russia quality of electoral researches wasn't object of fixed consideration until recently. Electoral researches aren't capable to estimate the size of an administrative resource, and therefore in the conditions of its broad application yield results far from received on elections irrespective of the fact how they have been carried out. Judging by statements of the management of the republic, supported with heat of election campaign, current elections to Mazhilis generally will meet the international criteria.
Read more Domestic violence concerning women in Kazakhstan: prevalence and prerequisites (in Russian)
This article is devoted to research house, or family, violence against women in Kazakhstan. Relying on results of quantitative research, an attempt of an assessment of scale and prerequisites of this phenomenon is made. In more detail.
Read more Women and a problem of violence in the course of globalization (in Russian)
Characteristic feature of the modern difficult and conflict world - globalization process which is realized as at the level of the states, and social groups and individuals. Being carried out in real life, this fact is nowadays digested in the sphere of public consciousness and culture.
Read more Deinstitutionalization of orphan children: a state, problems, prospects (May, 2004) (in Russian)
The institutionalization of children, that is the placement to residential institutions, is considered harmful to their development. In the developed countries seek to give support to families in order that parents wanted and could care for the children. In special cases use such measure as transfer of the child on education to adoptive parents, and the placement to residential institutions is used redko1. In Kazakhstan the main decision concerning children whose parents can't or don't want to care for them, there is still an institutionalization. In more detail
Read more Medical care of the population of Kazakhstan: reality and estimates (September, 2003) (in Russian)
Health of the population and condition of health system - one of the main indicators and criteria of extent of development of the country. The sustainable development of the country is characterized not only dynamics of socio-economic indexes, but also means growth of life expectancy, one of the main criteria of human development. Satisfaction of social requirements including in medical care, growth of opportunities of the choice become main goals of development for any country of the world.
Read more Smoking as a social problem in Kazakhstan (August, 2003) (in Russian)
In research of lifestyle, living conditions and health such subject of studying as smoking is one of central. He substantially defines lifestyle, by means of massive tobacco advertizing in mass consciousness the image of the smoker as carrier of the special values characteristic of any brand and smoking in general is formed. Negative impact of smoking of cigarettes on health is established for a long time, and the most serious consequence of smoking consists in sharp increase of risk of lung cancer. And, at last, the habit of smoking is rather expensive - smokers are forced to spend large sums for her satisfaction. In more detail
Read more Presence and activity of the manufacturing companies in Kazakhstan (the final report, an omnibus, July, 2005) (in Russian)
The purpose of this quantitative market research was studying of activity of the manufacturing companies in the market of Kazakhstan.
For achievement of this purpose the following tasks have been set:
To determine the level of popularity of the manufacturing companies;
To determine the level of popularity of brands of goods;
To define the population attitude towards reputation of the manufacturing companies;
To reveal the positive and negative moments of presence and activity of the manufacturing companies in the market of Kazakhstan.
Read more Factors of family violence against women (in Russian)
Article contains some results of the research "Violence against Women in Kazakhstan" conducted in November-December, 1999 by the Center of Studying of Public Opinion (CSPO) at the initiative of the National commission on affairs of women at the President of Kazakhstan with financial and technical support Fonda Narodonaseleniya of the UN (UNFPA). Research has been aimed at data collection, necessary for judgment of the nature and scales of this phenomenon.


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Results of a sociological study of domestic violence against women in the family relations (on the example of the Crisis center for women in Almaty)

According to the UN Foundation, 400 women are killed every year as a result of domestic violence in the country. For this reason, divorce rates are also increasing. There are thousands of cause of this social problem, and the social consequences can be burdensome for all social institutions if prevention measures are not currently studied and developed. For children who have seen their father beaten and humiliated in the family, this event becomes a “historical root” in the child’s memory. The Kazakh proverb about what you see from the nest, in interviews with our respondents, proved how the trace of their husbands’ childhood affected their family. Children who have seen their fathers beaten and discriminated against in their families change their “mother kindness”. Research on the topic was conducted by the Public opinion research center in December 2019, and analysis and processing of research materials were conducted until the end of March 2020. The purpose of the research: to identify the causes of domestic violence against women in Kazakhstani families, based on cases of women seeking help from the crisis center in Almaty.






Problem of pregnancy among young girls in kazakhstan: results of sociological researchThis article presents the results of a sociological study of reproductive health, sexual activity and awareness of reproductive health among young people and adolescents aged 15-19 years. The article presents the theoretical work of social science researchers from the United States, Europe and Russia. The empirical part of the article is presented by studies carried out by the Center for Study of Public Opinion (CIOM) and the Center for Social and Political Research "Strategy" in 2018-2019. According to the CIOM survey, 294 girls aged 15-19 had sexual intercourse, 49 of them were pregnant, 30 of them ended up in childbirth, 11 girls had an abortion and eight girls had miscarriages. In general, the studies have shown that the problem of early pregnancy among underage girls is an urgent problem that requires further careful study.




Socio-psychological problems arising from the pregnancy of underage girls
The article presents a sociological analysis of the socio-psychological problems that arise in pregnant underage girls. The authors summarize their views on this issue based on the results of theoretical and applied social research. As a result of the study, it was found that the formation of the sexual culture of underage pregnant girls is influenced by their psychological and social environment, which is formed from childhood. According to the results of an applied sociological study conducted by independent experts, the average age of sexual intercourse among adolescents in Kazakhstan is 16.5 years, according to sociological surveys, 4360 people took part in the survey, including 294 sexually active girls, 49 of whom were pregnant. One of them is the poor health of themselves and their children, the inability of these girls to continue their education, discrimination in the social environment, etc. As a result of such obstacles, they have social and psychological problems, including social stigma and discrimination, girls' suicide or abandonment of children as well as social orphanhood.