In anticipation of celebration of the 71st anniversary of the Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War, employees of CIOM have congratulated dear citizens equated to veterans of the Second World War, these are the prisoners of concentration camps, citizens who have endured the Leningrad blockade and participants of the labor front. We have visited and have congratulated: Koretskaya Lyubov Yakovlevna, Maznuyu Galina Ivanovna, Utegaliyeva Zinaida Ivanovna, Afanasyeva Irina Aleksadrovna, Afanasyeva Tatyana Aleksandrovna, Small Tamara Mikhaelovna, Gapich Lidiya Ivanovna, Glagolevsky Valery Vladimirovich, Time Lev Vladimirovich and Prokofieva Albina Borisovna. Lists have been kindly provided by Akimat of Medeusky district of Almaty. Big assistance in holding this action was rendered by Vyacheslav Mikhaylovich Artemyev – the chairman of the Almaty city organization of the former minor prisoners of fascism.










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