Association of sociologists of Kazakhstan – the independent professional association created for the purpose of consolidation of scientists of a socio-humanistic orientation. It is founded on the first Congress of sociologists of Kazakhstan on May 17-18, 2002. Since March, 2003 ASK - the permanent member of the International association of sociologists (ISA).


The supreme body of ASK is the Congress of sociologists of Kazakhstan.
As the strategic objective the Association puts disclosure intellectual and scientific institutional capacity of sociological community of the country. The association actively participates in scientific researches, carrying out work on improvement of methodology and a technique of social and political measurements, processes in modern Kazakhstan society.
Assistance in the organization and carrying out actions of ASK is rendered by government bodies – Administration of the President of RK, the Ministry of Culture and information of RK, the Ministry of Education and Science of RK; educational institutions – the Kazakh national university of al-Farabi, the Euroasian national university of L. N. Gumilev, the Kazakh-Turkish university of Yassaui, regional universities; the international organizations – Soros Kazakhstan fund, representative office of OSCE in Kazakhstan, Representation of PROON in Kazakhstan, research structures.
The association of sociologists of Kazakhstan has set up cooperation with similar structures of Turkey, Azerbaijan, Russia. Representatives of Association take part in the international congresses, conferences, round tables.