CIOM employee trainer at the School of Independent Life

 Ainur Bakytzhanova, an employee of CIOM, conducted a training on self-development and improvement of own resources for people with disabilities in Almaty on April 29, 2023 at the "School of Independent Life". This school helps participants to unlock their potential, work with fears and obstacles that arise for everyone, and solve them, as well as improve their communicative and personal level. During the active training, participants study themselves and their world, their problems using various creative tools and techniques, learn to think critically and treat life problems positively through their own refraction.

The coach used a range of projective techniques to work with the participants of the 5th wave of this school to help them identify their problems, identify psychological barriers, and then identify achievements and goals that the guys wanted to achieve on their way.
Coach Ainur expresses great gratitude to the participants of the school for their teamwork and desire to develop, the children received new knowledge and skills for self-development.

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