History of CIOM

Republic Center of Study of Public Opinion RCIOM was founded on 21 October 1988 (at the time of the Soviet Union), and became the first research company in Kazakhstan. Self-supporting Republican Center for Study of Public Opinion on social-economic questions has been created at Kazsovprof and together with Goskomtrud KAZSSR and the Central Committee of LKSM of Kazakhstan. Soon after that has been signed the contract with VCIOM on which RCIOM became the regional center.


Zhusupov Sabit Eventayevich was the first head of RCIOM.


In 1999 the Center was transformed, became the private company, and is called the Center of Study of Public Opinion (CIOM). CIOM have expanded a range of the work in the direction of market researches.


For all these years of changes, CIOM works and studies various areas of life in our country, seeks to help in understanding of the events and demanded to live better and happier.


In 2013 the Center of Study of Public Opinion (CIOM) has celebrated 25-year anniversary of the activity.
Today CIOM - the leading Kazakhstan research company in the field of public opinion and market researches.