Quantitative researches

Quantitative research represents collecting and the analysis of primary information. These researches are conducting when it is necessary to know the exact, statistically verified numerical data.
Accurate mathematical and statistical models are always the cornerstone of quantitative researches that allows in result to have exact quantitative values of the studied indicators.


Quantitative researches (researches of consumers) gives the opportunity to receive the answer to the question: How Many? it allows to estimate prevalence of the studied parameters, and also their size: a share in the market, popularity, etc.


•  The tasks solved by means of quantitative market researches:
•  An assessment of potential and actual volume and market capacity in natural and monetary value
•  An assessment of distribution of market shares between the main competitors in a percentage
•  Definition of the main segments of consumers
•  Definition of readiness of the consumer to get a product, prospects and a tendency of presence of a product in the market
•  Definition of a portrait of the consumer: on the basis of social and demographic, psychological characteristics
•  To make measurements in a number of the set parameters characterizing the relation of consumers to goods
•  Planning of system of repeated purchases among those who have tried a new product or service
•  Definition of the best packing for a product
•  Definition of the optimum price of goods or service
•  Identification of the empty niches
•  The Assessment of compliance of the existing product to requirements of the market
•  Assessment of efficiency of an advertising campaign and other communication channels
•  Assessment of sales level of goods or service
•  The Assessment of representation of production in retail network

Advantages of a quantitative method of research:

•  Coverage of a large number of objects research (respondents, points, etc.). However for coverage of remote segments (for example, the upper / lower class of the population) it is traditionally accepted to use qualitative methods of research (case study)
•  Possible anonymity of poll participants. The questionnaire for carrying out of quantitative poll can be anonymous. When carrying out quantitative polls the interviewer know about the respondent’s name, his address and phone that allows making high-quality control of work of interviewers.
•  Possibility of using of evident materials (cards, photos, boards, etc.).


Types of quantitative researches
There are several types of quantitative researches which allow collecting primary information of various formats:
•  Personal poll (face-to-faсe)
•  Street interview
•  Interview in places of purchase
•  Household interview (the most widespread method because allows to achieve the maximum representativeness of selection).
•  Testing of a product (hall and home tests).
•  Audit of goods (retail audit)


Mystery shopping - the method of market researches which give an assessment of service quality by using experts acting as false, "Mysterious Buyers". This method allows considering work of personnel from the point of view of the consumer and in time to take measures for improvement of service quality. Advantage of this method - privacy and unexpectedness of check.


What can be estimated by means of Mystery shopping?
1. Work of dispatching service on phone;
2. Appearance and manners of personnel;
3. Skills of sales;
4. Behavior of personnel in a conflict situation;
5. Competence of sellers in knowledge of goods;
6. Observance of corporate standards of service;
7. Organization of trade space;
8. The atmosphere in a trading floor.


The expert from outside will also estimate the external organization of an outlet – outdoor advertising, convenience of stay, can track realization of unaccounted goods, check honesty and decency of personnel.


The main condition of success of the Mystery shopping program is an understanding by top management of the company of need to improve service and understanding that it is impossible to improve service without control of his quality.
Mystery shopping one of the instruments of service improvement, and exclusively positive thing directed to improvement of the relations of all participants of service process. The employees checked by Mysterious Buyers, lift the professionalism and increase cost in labor market. The company strengthens the image. And the main goal is a happy consumer.