Mission and values of the company

Our mission - researching and understanding modern processes and features, to help people, society and the companies in achievement of the better future!


Our values

•  Mastery – as professionals, we are focused on result. 
•  Creative approach and innovations is a basis of creative and practical activities of our researches. 
•  Objectivity - is a necessary condition for all researches.
•  Efficiency and quality - are the main conditions and a guarantee of correctness of the made decisions.
•  Cooperation and partnership – are productive relationships inspire on opening and growth of our CLIENTS and our TEAM


The main resources of the company are employees. We love our research business and we are proud of our results. Daily we open new opportunities not only for clients and partners, but also for our employees.


Our Team – each of us has strengths and features of character, which forms approach to work, and help professionally, effectively and qualitatively in our research work. From team of people, her structure, mastery, unity and orientation for result depends the success of any project.


Life principle of CIOM team
We do our work, we really like it, we are proud of our work and take a pleasure from it: "Do what gives a sheer pleasure, and then you will become much happier".
Principle of a boomerang. When we help others, we help ourselves.
Principle of training. Each person, the company – with whom we work and we meet on a course of life train us in something new.
The trust is the base of relationship.
Collaboration, cooperation – conducts us to a joint victory and qualitative result.
We change the world to the best, through own development and assistance in development of society and the market.
Creative collaboration of team is based on the value of each employee.


Main advantages of work with our company
СIOM carries out research projects in the social and marketing sphere.
By results of researches which conducted СIOM are made practical and administrative decisions for introduction of programs and activities.


Our advantages
•  The qualified and professional team.
 An individual approach to each Client and research.
•  A wide experience in conducting researches.
•  The CIOM team constantly raises a skill level for improvement and high-quality growth of the rendered services in the research sphere
•  Conducting projects in all areas of Kazakhstan and over the countries of Central Asia..
•  Application of modern information technologies in conducting researches.
•  Depending on needs of the Client we offer various forms of cooperation (full projects, field works, etc.).