Social researches/ Surveys of Public Opinions

The sociology - as system of knowledge relies on studying of the facts of social reality. Sociological researches – is the system of logically consecutive methodological, methodical and organizational and technical procedures connected by the uniform purpose - to obtain reliable data about the studied phenomenon for their subsequent practical application.
Social researches are one of the important directions of research activity of CIOM. Within this direction are studied the facts and the phenomena lying on a joint of the social and economic sphere of activity of society. In modern time when carrying out market and social researches various information is required, beginning from the level of social and economic development, level and quality of life of the population (in the city, in the aul), local problems and features. The main source of obtaining such information are the conducted social researches.
Social research projects have complex and multidimensional character which are directed to studying and the analysis of social processes in the country and on studying of the problems connected with changes in social system of society and in structure of public consciousness.


Types and directions of researches:
•  Social: studying of public opinion, expectations, beliefs, values and orientation on various questions of public life.
•  Assessment by the population of level of satisfaction and quality of conditions, services, the relation to the happening changes and processes.
•  Assessment population of national projects, programs, ideas.
•  Economic and demographic researches.
•  Expert polls - are aimed at specifications of hypotheses, development of the forecast and replenishment of interpretation of certain social phenomena and processes. Selection of experts is carried out, first of all, on the level of their competence as number and presentability of the group of experts is estimated not so much statistical, how many by quality indicators.
•  Polls of elite - studying of opinion of leaders of public opinion.
•  Monitoring of public opinion
•  Researches of special target groups
•  Social assessment of projects
•  Researches of social problems
•  Social inspection of households
•  Assessment and monitoring within the state and various programs