Marketing researches

One of definitions of marketing is "receiving profit on satisfaction of requirements". Therefore one of the main problems of market researches is identification and understanding of requirements of the market.
Market researches allow filling lack of the direct exchange of information between producers and the consumer which has appeared as a result of emergence of mass production and mass consumption.


To conduct market researches means "to listen to opinion of consumers". The companies making production want to know who their clients are. Where they can be found? What their requirements? Answers to these and other questions allow improving quality of administrative decisions as reduce the sphere of the related risk.
Market researches are conducted for the purpose of receiving the full and reliable information necessary for scoping and the nomenclature of the let-out or purchased goods and the organization of their address realization to concrete groups of consumers. Market researches play a main role in design of new goods and services, distribution and their advertising in the best way. In marketing are often used methods of both quantitative and qualitative sociology.


Types of researches

•  Research of consumers (U&A), research of consumer motivation and consumer behavior, etc.
•  Lifestyle research
•  Online polls (CAWI)
•  Research "Popularity of Brand"
•  Product/packing testing
•  Researches of staff
•  Reputational researches
•  Price research
•  Research of the competitive environment
•  Price audit
•  Researches for management
•  Marketing and sociological monitoring
•  Research of efficiency of advertising channels
•  Testing of advertising concepts and products
•  Testing of commercials, promo-and PR materials