Quality researches

High-quality researches include collecting and the analysis of the data collected from primary sources. The most widespread methods of high-quality research are the method of focus groups and a method of deep interview. They are directed to detection of qualitative, but not quantitative characteristics of behavior of people. If quantitative research answers the question "How Many?", then when using high-quality research we have an opportunity to answer the question "Why? High-quality research first of all allows collecting a variety of the opinions existing in the studied problem.


High-quality research is considered well and full when researchers managed to collect all range of the existing opinions what rare they wouldn't seem.
In high-quality researches it is impossible to consider at all how many respondents have shared this or that opinion.
High-quality researches allow obtaining very various information, about market and specific product. They are effective when it is necessary to obtain such information:


•  Knowledge and use of brands of any product, attitude towards them;
•  Actual and potential positioning of a product in the market;
•  Assessment of concepts and packing;
•  An assessment / before advertising testing;
•  Before testing of information materials;
•  Ways of change of brand’s image, it’s positioning, strategy of advertising;
•  Identification of motives of purchase, preference of a product (at quantitative research the consumer can not realize them, can be difficult to express them in the standardized interview or just there is no wish to speak about them);
•  Receiving detailed idea of perception by the consumer of new goods, service, packing or advertising;
•  Carrying out initial (preliminary) studying of the market, some goods or a concept before conducting big quantitative research. Such preliminary studying allows to make the subsequent quantitative research by the most effective - due to optimization of poll structure, selection of questions and alternatives of answers which are most adequate to research problems;
•  Studying of the new market or the low-studied market area;
•  Receiving clearer idea of those aspects of the market concerning which the conducted quantitative research hasn't given clear results.