Center of research of legal policy.

The center of research of legal policy - is not the political, independent research institute founded by group of the Kazakhstan lawyers in April, 2008. The center is in Almaty (Kazakhstan) and works on the Central Asian region. The center is the analytical organization directed to advance of the principle of the rule of law and liberal values by implementation of research, publishing and educational activity in the field of legal policy.


Association of development of civil society.

Merging of Legal Entities "Association of Development of Civil Society "ARGO" is the network of the national level uniting the organizations providing services of more than 80% to NGO and communities in Kazakhstan. After more than five years of development and expansion of a network, ARGO has been registered as the association uniting the Centers of Support of Civil Society (CPGO) in eight regions of Kazakhstan (Almaty, Aktobe, Astana, Atyrau, Karaganda, Kostanay, Semipalatinsk and Ust-Kamenogorsk).



Association of women with disability of "Shyrak"

OO Shyrak Association is founded in 2001, at the initiative of 10 women with violation of musculoskeletal functions. For today the Association has the Republican status (8 branches across the Republic of Kazakhstan), is a coordinator of the International expert network of leaders and the organizations of women with disability across Central Asia and Kazakhstan.



Public fund "Information Resourse Center" of the city of Almaty

The public fund "Information and Resource Center" of Almaty has been created in 2005 for assistance to creation of the favorable environment for formation and formation of non-governmental sector (NGO), the help in the professional organization of social services with prospect on successful development of social partnership.



KazNU named by Al-Farabi

Due to the declaration of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Kazakh state university named by Kirov S.M. on October 23, 1991 it has been appropriated a name of the great scientist, thinker and Encyclopaedist, "The second teacher" of the East – Abu Nasr al-Farabi.


CIOM constantly collaborates with the Department of Sociology and Social Work of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, this is the first department that produces professional sociologists and social workers. The department has a 30-year glorious history


Center of sociological and political researches

CSPI BGU is one of the leading sociological services in Belarus. The center provides a full complex of modern technologies of the organization and carrying out research works: from development of the program of sociological research before the presentation of analytical reports. The doctor of sociological sciences, professor David Genrikhovich Rotman heads the Center.